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Don't let package.el pollute the customization

Since Emacs 25.1 package.el tracks which packages I installed manually. The reasons are outlined in a much better way than I could do this in this article.

That’s nice and dandy, but whenever I try out a package my custom file changes, because “packages-selected-packages” changes and is unfortunately written there.

Export patches from Emacs' Notmuch

I’m reading several linux-kernel related mailing lists. They are full of proposed patches. And from time to time a few of them look interesting. So I wanted to have an easy (and fast) solution of exporting those patches: with a keystroke, and without the need of specifying patch names. Format of a patch email If you ever contributed a patch to Linux, you’d know that your patch must follow some formatting rules, or it might be ignored.

Efficiently untangling Elisp from .org files

Many people keep their Emacs config in and org-mode file because it’s easier to manage.

However, we need to extract the Elisp parts out of the org file and evaluate them somehow. org-mode has a built-in command for this: (org-babel-load-file ""). However, this is an org-mode command, and org-mode is huge. So your init.el needs to load a good amount of org-mode just to get the elisp out of it. But to be able to do this you’d need to load a good amount of the org-mode file.

I wanted to have something better. Something that is flexible and gives me a quicker startup time.

Let Hugo ignore Emacs lockfiles

When you run

hugo server

the static web-site generator Hugo creates a local server that you can use to fine-tune your pages. Hugo sits and watches your content and layout directory for any changes. Whenever a file changes, it re-renders the pages and even tells your browser to live-relead the pages.

Very nice.

Except that it doesn’t work with Emacs. But there’s a cure.

Blog from Org-Mode to Hugo

I use the static web-site generator Hugo to create my home page. I also use Emacs as my main editor. Hugo is good with Markdown. Emacs is good at Markdown, too. But much better with Org-Mode.

If you want …

  • export one .org file as one web page, look at Giles Paterson solution
  • export just a subtree of an org-file (e.g. from your org-based Emacs configuration), then look here.