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AwesomeWM: using a global title bar

This post shows how you can create a global titlebar. As I changed most of my client windows to not have a titlebar (except for floating clients), I lost the information that the clients display in their title bar.

On the other side, I didn’t like the taskbar. I know what tasks I have started and currently I don’t minimize clients (I even removed the key bindings for minimizing).

And so it was a natural though to use the space the taskbar occupied for a global titlebar.

AwesomeWM: Alternative bindings setup

The default rc.lua from the Awesome window manager uses a lot of globalkeys = awful.util.table.join(...) code.

I disliked this because …

  • they used functions to join the bindings. And in Lua, the parameters of a function cannot end with a trailing comma. Often when I moved an entry around, I ended up with a pointless syntax error because of a trailing comma — or a missing comma between arguments.
  • adding elements by joining seems somewhat complex
  • adding logic, e.g. only adding a keybinding under specific circumstances is suddenly more difficult

So let’s change this …